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Fiber Optic Training

Fiber Optic Training is available through NCTC at our San Marcos office. Fiber Optic Training can help take your career to the next level. NCTC has developed a comprehensive, integrated training program to meet the needs of installers and technicians. Classes are structured for each application's unique needs: telecommunications, cable television, access, local and wide area networks, wireless networks, and power utilities.

Our training program offers a challenging curriculum based on NCTC's years of training experience. Standard courses are scheduled throughout the year at our training facilities in San Marcos in both day and evening sessions.

Fiber optic training in progress

Some of the Key Features of Our Programs Are:

Fiber optic installation, maintenance and design plus fiber optic system testing and troubleshooting using the highest level of hands-on training. All NCTC Courses are taught by current, experienced engineers and technicians who rotate between classroom and field projects. The course design is based on technical theory and extensive training experience, with a continuous update of content and materials, and utilization of the latest products and installation techniques. Small class sizes encourage student/instructor interaction and to allow maximum hands-on training.

Here are just some of the classroom topics:

Introduction to Fiber Optics
Safety Requirements
Basic Components of Fiber Optic Systems
Fiber Optic Manufacturing processing
The physics of light in Fiber Optics
Single Mode and Multi-mode Fiber cable
Step Index Multi-mode
Graded Index Multi-mode
Optical Transmitters and Receivers
Active and Passive components
Attenuation and Return losses
Types of Fiber Optic cables
Connectors and Splices
Termination and Mounting hardware
Mechanical Requirements
Fiber Optic Electronic systems
Couplers and Switches
Fiber Optic Standards 568A

For class availability, please contact the NCTC administrative office at (760) 471-9561.


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