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California Vocational Schools

California Vocational Schools are a growing trend in the state. California is a leading producer of communications, computer and electronics products, which means there is high demand for workers with relevant and practical classroom experience in computer network systems and other related support fields. An appropriate certificate earned through a California vocational school program can lead you to a great career in California's ever-growing communicaions and technology industries. In California, there are opportunities for students completing vocational school programs.

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Califorina vocational schools

The disconnect between employers and American education remains a serious problem, say some observers. When people want to learn to become a businessperson they often will go take classes at a business school. Some experts feel that in California there way too many parents and students reflexively applying to four-year colleges on the old adage that in the long run, that is how to get to the top. Many more have been going to college without really knowing why and finding out they don't acquire the skills they need to get a job,

What is vocational training and why do people attend vocational classes?
When people want to learn a trade they often go to a vocational school or a trade school. Most students attend vocational school because they want to get a new job, learn new job skills, or advance in their present jobs. Last year, the number of newly enrolled vocational school students reached a new high of 5.5 million!

There are many types of California vocational schools. Some vocational schools teach many trades while others teach only one. People often find that at some point later in their lives they want to update their skills to take advantage of current industry demands. Class size, course offerings, course duration, costs, staff qualifications, school size, and availability of equipment in schools all play a part in developing new job skills.

NCTC is a school operated for the express purpose of giving its students the skills needed to perform certain jobs. prepares students for an evolving workplace and further education through specialized academic, career and technical programs and lifelong learning opportunities. Our training center offers the latest in cabling technology instruction.

Aside from some of the most spectacular weather and beaches in the nation and a booming economy, Southern California offers some great vocational training institutions. One such school is our San Marcos, California based vocational school. It offers campus based training programs for adults, professionals and technicians who are looking to launch a new career or take their current career to the next level.

Companies clamoring for specific skills are driving much of the tech-ed rebirth, analysts say. Industry has been complaining about shortages of skilled labor they need, so they have been sharing that with college administrations, counselors, and technical advisers. They have been demanding that trained people come out of job specific training programs. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) supports targeted vocational education, based on European models from his childhood.

NCTC can help you acquire new or improved job skills, skills which are in demand in today's job marketplace! For class availability, please contact the NCTC administrative office at (760) 471-9561 or toll free at 1-888-434-8181.

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